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Freezing Protection Control Unit

Avtech’s Freezing Protection Control Unit (FPCU) controls and monitors the heating elements of the Water Waste System to prevent freezing of the components.  The FPCU interacts with a Control Panel and communicates equipment status via an ARINC 429 bus to the Central Maintenance Computer (CMC).

Avtech’s FPCU is installed as optional equipment on Embraer’s ERJ series of aircraft.  The unit monitors and protects the plumbing, tanks and valves associated with the Water and Waste System (WWS) by applying power to heaters on a as-needed basis

  • Prevents expensive failures to the WWS by preventing freezing of system components
  • The FPCU contains an RS232 bus used to set temperature thresholds, reduced power mode functionality and other configured features
  • The FPCU provides 32 independent heater channels
  • Each heater driver will use current sensing circuitry and shuts down if an over current is detected and report the fault via the CMC interface
  • Heater circuitry uses GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and shuts down the corresponding driver when a ground fault is detected
  • Each heater channel utilizes an analog input to acquire temperature information from a temperature sensor.
  • Temperature sensors have sensor fail open and short protection and faults are sent to the CMC for reporting

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